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ATM Bitcoin

all friend do you was heard of bitcoin atm with various features there we can exchange or buy bitcoin ,but this still needs a variety of studis that will certainly make it easy to conduct various interactions better and introduce bitcoin throughout the world .
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Yes, they are called CRYPTOMAT, but in the CIS countries they aren't very popular, and put them only in big cities.

[Image: cryptomat1.jpg]
That good, I will be glad if that can be introduced to my country to make sure of atm bitcoin, it will help the economy to grow more.
This can only work in developed countries for now. Most of the other countries might have to wait for a very long time before they can have something like this.
ATM bitcoins are growing. It's widely used in the US and hopefully most countries will follow. Soon many merchants will also use Bitcoin as payment. I see some Kiosks on Bitcoin and it's really good to use it.
but in my country need more regulations about it i think soon in future will be implemented about atm bitcoin
i see demand bitcoin still increase

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