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3 Important need and requreid in learn Cryptocurrency

i will share 3 important think you need and requreid in cryptocurrency lets to see :
  • first you need a moment for leading to study the cryptocurrency , this is very important i think the time management you must to be list because in cryptocurrency we can studied every time .
  • you need a mentor , do you know mentor yeah mentor likes a teacher in crypto is required because the risk of crypto we dont know so you need this , mentor we can find in crypto news , crypto study in more site bro .
  • you need revolution mental , if you ready to start study in crypto you need to change your revolution mental this is very important
and still more think important , if all friend have lets share here and make disccuss together .
This is helpful, thanks for sharing this, it really help to understand more about cryptocurrency and how earn it.
Thanks for sharing.  So insightful especially for the beginners out there. Keep it up.
We need more than just three things to lea.rn more about crypto but it is a good list anyway. Above all we need to be consistence

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